Please bear with me, I'm obviously not well

While the wife is blogging about vast conspiracy theories, I'm busy sharing more intellectual fare.

Like more Muppets, this time doing "Habanera" from Carmen


Happy (real) St. Patrick's Day

I was going to title my St. Patrick's Day post "This town is covered in sh-t", because, in fact, it is. Human, animal, you name it. People can't clean up after themselves after a night of bingeing, let alone their dogs. I don't think the sidewalks of The Hostess City portray a good image to our visitors. Nobody should see what I have seen. I'll leave it at that.

Instead of that nastiness, I bring you Beaker, the Swedish Chef and Animal's rendition of "Danny Boy". Enjoy.

Muppets rock

That is all.

Oh, and I'm trademarking the word 'technivorous'.

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