Somebody needs to grease the wheels of justice...

...preferably with the oleaginous innards of plaintiffs in pointless court cases.

Jerkass pomeranian

I've commented a bit on this site about our younger dog's intelligence (or lack thereof). Now I think I'm being played by the little overstuffed rat.

Lately, we've been letting her and the other critter run outside in the courtyard behind our house largely unattended, to do their business.

When Sephie (aka the Smart One) is through with her outdoor adventure, she trots up to the back door and looks at it pathetically until we let her back in.


$45 wasted

For the last several years, I've dragged Betsy out to the Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance, which I now know is french for "crappy-ass car show". In past years, there's been some interesting hardware, like racing McLaren F1's, BMW M3 racecars, etc. At $20 a person, it's always been a slight ripoff, but this year took the cake.

This year, we saw more interesting vehicles outside the gates than inside. A shiny black Ford GT followed us in, and we passed a new Aston Martin AMV8 and other cool cars walking in.


Blood, spurting from my fingernails

It's every bit as fun as it sounds. First this weekend, when I was using my nails to pry infernal little clips on the back of a picture frame (36 of the little bastards), I managed to jam one at high speed under nail of my pinky. Squirting blood. Ouch.

Apply a band-aid, back to work. Get 75% done installing pictures. Jam another metal clip under my thumbnail. No blood this time, more of a bruise; but strangely, it hurts more.

Two days later - don't know how, but I manage to bend my other thumbnail back about 1/8 inch, ripping the skin apart underneith. More blood. Can I not do anything without injuring myself in some stupid manner?


Suck my nuts, spammers

I had to shut down comments from unauthenticated users yet again today, after seeing that I'd amassed several hundred nonsense spam comments in the last week or two (and peaking in the last couple hours at a few dozen/hr). I've gotta say, what's the point of spamming without any links, and without any readable text? Am I missing the next great thing in marketing? Is "kjkajhajslhd ahjahsdk jahksjhad hajskdhg" Romulan for "BuYz V1AgR09a N0w!"?

Now the decision I have to make is - do I throw caution to the wind, and upgrade to Drupal 4.7 without testing, so I can start using [w:captcha|captchas] on comments? Or do I use the time I could otherwise spend watching yesterday's Simpsons season premiere awaiting me on the POS Comcast DVR dutifully replicating my install and testing the new version. Hmm...



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