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"My childhood, now on display.", or "Why I'm a geek"

Wanting to cut unnecessary expenses, I went down to our climate-controlled $74/mo storage unit, to survey its contents and begin separating the heirlooms from the chaff.

It was mostly chaff[1]. I did however find one of my post prized possessions, the remnants of my vast childhood library, packed safely away in U-Haul branded boxes.

So now our spartan bookcases have been lined with the volumes that survived the Great Basement Flood of '93 (the result of the radiators freezing and bursting in the darkness of the New Jersey winter).

I continue to be amazed the super geeky powers of the Drupal developer community. I've been playing with modules over the last couple of days trying to find the right combination to create a multimedia sharing site for work that even the octogenarian residents of Greater Bluffelson could use.

On the new server

I finally started moving my site (and Betsy's) to another host, after getting fed up with poor performance, mediocre customer service and the frustration of having to do every single task on the server through a web-based control panel.


Who'da thunk? It's waterproof!

When my bride and I got into the car to head to the gym tonight, I looked around thinking my [w:iPod Shuffle] was tucked away in one of the compartments after our last gym/dinner/grocery trip. But no luck. I figured I left it in my car instead.

Turns out, I left it in the pocket of my shorts a couple nights ago. Which went into the hamper. And then into the washer. And then the dryer.

Software is hard. Support a small (or not so small) developer

My siblings and I have differing opinions on whether or not one should pay for software. Having racked my brain for hours tracking down small bugs in perl/php/shell programs (more often than not the result of a single misplaced character), I can appreciate the effort that goes into making polished applications. Plus, our friendly local rocket scientist probably wouldn't appreciate piracy of other's work (unless it was from Sony of course).

Telenav - My review

The wife and I recently returned from yet another Ohio (and Kentucky) road trip, ensconced along with our dogs in the fresh "Leatherette" of Betsy's new ride.

The path to Betsy's mom's house is well worn, and almost entirely on interstates. The path to her grandmother's in Lebanon (that's pronounced LEB-nun for those not familiar) is decidedly less so, especially from the shores of the Little Hocking river, to which we detoured on Christmas afternoon to visit Betsy's dad and stepmom.

Rather than trust my constant companion Google, or try to decipher Glenn's instructions (which sometimes don't include route numbers), I put the fate of my bride and our carsick, incontinent pomeranians in the hands of my oft-loathed Blackberry and TeleNav's navigation service.


Oh Windoze, how I loathe thee

I've had my new MacBook running [:|Parallels] and the dreaded Windoze XP for all of 72 hours now, and I'm already reinstalling the OS. Seems the copy of Cisco VPN client I found on the intarweb went and crapped itself, allowing me to neither run or uninstall it, nor load a more recent version on top of it. So, I'm back to watching XP install for what it estimates to be 54 minutes, give or take.

I guess I'm now an official [:|reboot monkey]. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to Barnes & Noble to pick up some study aids for my [:|MCSE] exam.



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