"Blood, puke and and angry dutchman." Or "Betsy's fun-filled Sunday."

Betsy's mom and stepdad were in town this weekend for a brief visit (and something about a piano). Today they and Betsy went down to Neptune Beach to visit Lars' daughter and granddaughter. Feeling not-so-fresh, I stayed at home and slept most of the day. Turns out that was a good thing.

Betsy called me around 3:30 in the afternoon. From a hospital.


This can't be good for neighborly relations

I finally went and did it - bought a decent stereo. 100 watts x 5 channels, powered subwoofer, the whole nine yards. Positioned against the wall that adjoins my neighbor's house. I wonder how long it'll be until they are calling the cops on me.


Oh, if only

I find myself browsing from time to time, ostenisbly looking for a cheap, fun car to keep me from putting too many miles on the S4. But really, I'm addicted to anything automotive, especially if it's rare, obscure, or in some way weird.

Thus, I give you today's car porn, a lovely orange '76 BMW 2002... cheap, in perfect shape... and of course, located in California. D'oh!


S4: 1, Kermit: 0

Apparently whilst driving the other night in the rain, I snuffed out the life force of a hapless frog, whose carcass remains to this day stuck in my car's grill. Let us now shed a silent tear.

Ok, now that that's done, I can carry on with my weekend. Anyone in the mood for frog legs?


It's a sickness, I tell you.

I finally decided to get with the times and buy a DVD player. But of course, I couldn't just buy a DVD player for $99 at Target. Oh no. I figured, hey, my stereo is pretty old, and I gave away my 15 year old speakers to my brother when I moved... so I bought a combination DVD player and receiver. Simple enough. Oh, I had to get speakers too.... and you know, everything will sound so much better with a subwoofer.... and so on.


The secret to my girlish figure? Lots of cheese.

Every once in a while I get to thinking, hey, maybe I should modify my eating habits ever so slightly. Today, for example, I had a "Value Sized" meal comprised of a fried chicken sandwich and a pound of waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A for lunch, and three greasy pieces of pizza and cheese covered bread (with plenty of melted butter and garlic) for dinner. Somewhere in between, I consumed about a gallon of mello yello. Now, I'm sitting on my ass at home, gnawing on a rice krispy treat. That can't be good for the ole' gut. (or arteries.... or liver...or, oh nevermind)


Is that a cannon in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

I spent the weekend in Savannah with Betsy. After gorging ourselves on succulent fried seafood and poultry at Captian D's on Saturday, we struggled to find something to do on an unseasonably cold and windy day. We, I mean I, thought, hey, why don't we go to that fort thing on the way to Tybee?

The parks service woman at the gate seemed suprised that we actually stopped and paid our $3 each. We headed into Ft. Pulaski and took a few goofy pictures and wandered around for a while. I feel we got our $6 worth.


Moes, the Official Review

I eat mexican food at least twice a week. Sometimes five. I'm a regular contributor to Andrew Farbman's kid's college fund. But I was hungry on my way home from work today, so I thought I'd try Moes in Bluffton. I hadn't been that impressed with the one on Abercorn in Savannah, but I thought I'd give it a second chance.


Why didn't I think of this?

A brilliant new sales pitch is sweeping Savannah (and the Coastal Empire!)... It goes like this:


You speak spanish?

This is Inez from AT&T. You want?

..ah marketing in action.


Crap crap crap crap crap

That's the kind of day it was. I don't have much more to say.



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