Be careful what you ask for!

From: Morgan Bonner - HH
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 3:24 PM
To: Chris Yates - HH; Brian Dearth - HH
Subject: photos

This would make for a good link - "Photoshop these two dorks and their G5's". That being said, DO NOT POST THIS ON FARK.COM. Your sites - OK. - NOT OK.


The only thing funnier than a pomeranian...

... is a hairless pomeranian. What more is there to say?


Man, my ass is killing me

No, I didn't end up in the Beaufort County Detention Center or anything like that. Betsy and I spent our Saturday biking around scenic and beautiful Jekyll Island, down in deepest darkest southern Georgia. To paraphrase 'Debz', this place is what Hilton Head would be if it didn't suck so thoroughly. Ok, that's harsh. Let me clarify. This place is what Hilton Head would be if the vast majority of people that visit and live here didn't suck so thoroughly.


Further proof that I'm way too easily amused

Item 1: The picture at left. Click, you know you want to.

Item 2: A car on the way to work. Gold rental car, covered in pollen. Inscribed in film of tree jizz on the rear window: "I wish my wife was this dirty."

Yeah, I'm a retar... um, special.


Helpful hints!


Even I have limits

Now in the past, I've professed on these very pages my love for stupid, idiotic movies. I'm easily amused, and not ashamed to admit it. Two weekends ago I even tortured my beloved with a trip to the world's worst theater to see Club Dread. I rate that movie a B-.


Say it ain't so, Ralph

As Dearth, that political gadfly, mentioned on his site, Ralph Nader announced his candidacy on Meet The Press this morning. An unfortunate development for anyone with half a brian cell left.


Stupid web tricks

Brian's friend Will found a link to a cool, but thoroughly useless avatar generator. So, I bring to you, gentle reader:

Me as a constipated pirate Betsy

I attempted to create an accurate rendition of Fidel Castro to complete the set, but it just didn't work out.


Hello, I'm Johnny Cash

Seems I'm entering a Country/Folk music phase. I suspect this is a result of the combined brainwashing powers of my loving fiance and America's favorite commie-loving-tree-hugging liberal mouthpiece, National Public Radio. Of course, the fine folks at Apple aren't helping things either.



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