My ass has never been happier

We're well on our way to living like real people, now that we've crammed our couches into our cozy living room. I was really running the risk of getting healthy or something with not enough time laying supine with the TV on, powerbook on my lap slowly cooking my genitalia. Thankfully, any move toward raising my metabolism was averted when two men and a truck moved them from HHI to savannah. The couches, that is, not my genitalia.


Rock the ... oh, nevermind

We took Betsy's friend Tia to Casbah, a Moroccan restaurant downtown, last night. What could be better than spicy food, eating with your hands, and belly dancer(s)? Ok, we pussed out and used utensils, and I think I might have even used my oh-so-filthy left hand. The horror.

I feasted upon a plate of savory baby-sheep kabobs, with saffron rice and veggies. Betsy went the more conservative route and had chicken.


Dave, do you need me to call an ambulance?

Ah, it's really starting to feel like home, in our trendy little yuppie and student-with-rich-parents enclave here on the east side of Savannah.

This morning I introduced myself to one of our new neighbors. It wasn't easy, though. I had to wake him up from what I assume was an alcohol induced blackout, where he lay in front of his car on the sidewalk, arms and legs askew, keys by his side, head by the sprinkler. Did I mention the sprinkler was running?


Moving sucks

We're now entering day three of our epic move from the Islands (Hilton Head and Whitemarsh) to Savannah. Highlights so far have included the adrenaline rush of Betsy and me pushing, pulling, wrestling and kicking a recalcitrant king-size mattress down three flights at the house and up two more at the condo.

Also more fun than a burst hemorrhoid was shoving the refrigerator into place this morning. Did I mention I had to pry off the baseboards to do so?


What a month

July is almost here, and not a moment too soon. If you can't tell from the 27 day lapse in posts, I've been a little busy.


Just you wait

Take a two week vacation to Alaska, will ya Dearth? Well, I'll fix your wagon. Yeah, you'll pay. Oh.... you'll pay.

Shit. I guess I shouldn't have posted this before he left for the vacation. Oh well.


I feel oddly compelled to watch

I came across the pic at left during my many hours of wasting time on the internet. I remember being six or seven years old and thinking Megaforce was the coolest movie ever made. Of course, at this point, it was probably the only movie I'd ever seen, and it had those really cool cars in it, after all.


If I had an ass like this, I'd get twice as much done in a day!

Continuing my trend of posting low-brow crap, I offer you this maybe not-quite-safe-for-work image. Enjoy the simplicity of my humor, gentle reader.


Save the Whal.... er, Chammy?

Well, Krystal's Booty Smack campaign didn't work its magic on me, but this one just might. Sad. If it's silly and/or stupid, advertising works on me.


On again, off again...

Ah, the saga of the condo.... Find place. Check. Get loan approved. Check. Pay for inspection, appraisal. Check. Get dumb ass developer to let us actually close on the damn property. Um... no.

Advice for property owners everywhere trying to sell: If someone wants to buy your damn condo and has the money, you should probably let them close, before they get pissed off, and decide that the place is too fucking small anyway!



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