Holy. Shit.

Which video is more impressive?

Must feed the beast

Ok, you can start up with the "Chris changes cars more often than he changes his underwear" jokes (not true, by the way, but close).


Yeah, I have yet another new car. This time a shiny new Subaru Impreza WRX STI. That's a long ass name for a hatchback with 305 hp, all-wheel-drive and big ass fender flares.

I've always wanted a miniature version of the Oscar Mayer weinermobile

Detroit Auto Show Report 4: Tang Hua


They always keep the special stuff in the basement at Cobo Hall. This trio of electric vehicles from Chinese manufacturer Tang Hua are pure happiness dressed up in screaming yellow fiberglass. The one on top is called "Detroit Fish"... and it's amphibious. What else do you need to know?


I've found it at last - my next ride

[img_assist|nid=403|title=Just call me Huggy Bear|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=400|height=300]

It's a mid-eighties Rolls Royce. It's got a massive gold grille that probably weighs as much as a Honda Fit. It's got white seats with red piping (my God! They probably slaughered an entire herd of Naugabeasts for that!) It's covered in red and orange flames, fer christsakes!

All that, for less than the cost of a used Accord. What more can you ask for?

Damn europeans get all the cool stuff

[img_assist|nid=221|title=335d Touring|desc=|link=url,|align=center|width=440|height=305]
38 mpg diesel. 0-60 in under 6 seconds. Room for five and a couple corpses lots of luggage in the back, and kayaks on the roof. 6-speed manual. But BMW won't bring it here, because Americans won't buy enough of 'em.

I guess too many wouldn't be caught dead in a station wagon, and all the cool kids have them SUVs.

Note to Fat Cats in Munich: bring it across the pond, and I'll take mine in white, please.


My name is Chris, and I have a car problem

From the lovely wife on our way to dinner on Friday:

"Honey, do you have a car problem?"

No Mo Porsche

Well, I finally went and done it. Gave up those unreliable little sports cars for a sensible, sedate sedan, with four doors and a warranty...
...and 500 horsepower V10. Oh well. Did I mention it has four doors? I guess I'll be driving on lunch junkets more often now.


Let the hairplug jokes begin

Betsy's been poking fun at me for the last several days, so I figured the rest of you ought to as well. Yesterday, along with dropping the S4 off at the stealership in Augusta for a repair, I bought a Porsche from a guy in Aiken. Yeah, it sounds like I'm having the mid-life crisis a bit early, I know. Betsy has been making 'vroom-vroom' noises and making up songs to agitate me for at least a week.

So let me clear up the inevitable questions.

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