Lemon ginger catfish

Spotted fresh wild blue catfish on the cheap at Whole Foods, an avocado, and some ingredients I had on hand, and whipped this up…

[ ] 4 catfish fillets (approximately 1 lb)
[ ] 1 tbs light olive oil
[ ] 1 tbs soy sauce
[ ] 1 tsp fish sauce
[ ] 2 inch piece of ginger, minced (approx 1.5 tbs)
[ ] Zest of one lemon
[ ] 1/2 lemon, juiced, reserve other half as wedges for serving
[ ] 1 avocado sliced for serving

It's what's pho dinner

[img_assist|nid=399|title=Mmmm... Pho|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=250|height=188]
So I can cook. I even like to cook. I just choose not to. Most of the time anyway.

General and specific rants from an irritable traveller

Rant #1: First, don't trust any review you read on Google Local (aggregated from yelp, tripadvisor, et al). Case(s) in point. Yesterday, we went to dinner at an Italian place called La Caterina Trattoria that only got three out of five stars, and was panned by about half the reviewers. As it turns out, the food was quite good, and the desert (tiramisu) was fantastic.

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