'Journalism 2.0' or 'How very un-unconference like'

The Savannah Business Report & Journal spammed me with their daily newsletter yesterday, which contained this little gem...

Ideas and IPs: Unconference Proves Real Success

By Burton Sauls
Special to the TBR


Sorry boys (and girls), she's taken

That's right, I'm married to "the woman behind one of Savannah's most popular blogs."

The teevee done tole' me so.

A lapse in judgment, or great opportunity?

As if I wasn't busy enough, I attended a meeting Friday with folks from The Creative Coast, Savannah Morning News, and a couple of other folks... and in a moment of weakness offered to host the site for this year's BlogSavannah (un)conference... which turned into hosting BlogSavannah.com itself, as Drew can't do it this year.

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