Betsy and Christian's cross-country adventure- Day 1: Mississippi Sucks

We just wrapped up our first day of our cross-country journey to begin the next phase of our lives in Tempe, AZ, unfortunately without our favorite traveling companion. It was a long slog, but we made good time.

The first leg was by far the worst, through the monotonous interstates of central Georgia, a desolate wasteland punctuated only by garish billboards hawking discount divorces, discount liquor and handjob joints (probably not in that order), from Statesboro to Atlanta.

Moving [email protected]#%ing sucks, Part 2

Well, phase I of our move out west is now complete. We're no longer the owners of our lovely house on Taylor Street. It now belongs to one of the founders of this site. We're a little sad to see it go, but glad everything went relatively smoothly with the sale.

The actual act of moving, however, was a bit more complicated.

Happy (real) St. Patrick's Day

I was going to title my St. Patrick's Day post "This town is covered in sh-t", because, in fact, it is. Human, animal, you name it. People can't clean up after themselves after a night of bingeing, let alone their dogs. I don't think the sidewalks of The Hostess City portray a good image to our visitors. Nobody should see what I have seen. I'll leave it at that.

Instead of that nastiness, I bring you Beaker, the Swedish Chef and Animal's rendition of "Danny Boy". Enjoy.

A lapse in judgment, or great opportunity?

As if I wasn't busy enough, I attended a meeting Friday with folks from The Creative Coast, Savannah Morning News, and a couple of other folks... and in a moment of weakness offered to host the site for this year's BlogSavannah (un)conference... which turned into hosting itself, as Drew can't do it this year.

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