Find your place on the Red Planet

Today is one day before my one-year anniversary at the Mars Space Flight Facility, and also one day after I finally got something else launched that the public might have a remote interest in.

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At today's weekly developer meeting, someone mentioned that they don't show up when they Google their name... and another said they'd never bothered to look.

Google Street View coming to Savannah

I spotted this begadgeted Chevy Cobalt heading West on Hwy 80 toward Tybee Island.

Guess that means that some time soon you'll see me on Google Maps, speeding along, iPhone in hand, trying to take a decent picture. Obviously I failed.

Will be cool to get street-level views of the historic district though.

Nope, never saw this happening

YouTube hosts thousands (millions?) of other peoples' copyrighted works.

Company with deep pockets buys YouTube for billions and billions in funny money.

Big copyright holder sues that company for billions (ok one billion) in real money.

Who'da thunk?

Google giveth, and Google taketh away

For a fleeting moment last week, if you googled "christian yates" (even without the quotes!), my site was #1. And now, I've faded back into obscurity, concealed beneath the chaff of the 1.3 billion other Christian Yateseses infesting this mote of dust we call home.



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