You don't fuck with a man's car

Today was my second-to-last day at work, and one of my coworkers known for her prowess as a prankster thought it would be funny to plaster my car with and bumper stickers.

Since said prankster was with me at the time, she engaged (grudgingly) an accomplice.

This is the result of the prank:
[img_assist|nid=555|title=The attack|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=0|height=]

Moving [email protected]#%ing sucks, Part 2

Well, phase I of our move out west is now complete. We're no longer the owners of our lovely house on Taylor Street. It now belongs to one of the founders of this site. We're a little sad to see it go, but glad everything went relatively smoothly with the sale.

The actual act of moving, however, was a bit more complicated.

Moving [email protected]#%ing sucks

Schlepping the dozen or so boxes of books, papers and sporting equipment from our storage unit back to the house reminded me how much I hate moving shit around, after doing it at least 7 times over the last 8 years (mostly the wife's crap).

I've therefore decided it'll be worth every penny of the exorbitant fee the movers are going to charge to pack, load, ship, store and and unload our stuff.


What could possibly go wrong with this scenario?

[img_assist|nid=549|title=Cane Toad|desc=I'm in ur grass, poisonin ur wildlifes|link=none|align=right|width=250|height=198]

So many choices

Now the fun part. Within less than 30 days we have to:

  • Move out of our house in Savannah.
  • Find a place in the Tempe/Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale area.
  • Move ourselves and all our crap 2200 miles across the country.

I've made at least 8 moves in the last 9 years, but they've all been local. Any advice on a long cross-country move?

I'm considering

1) Having professional movers pick up our stuff, and move it. Maybe pack it too.

2) Renting a Penske truck and car trailer and hauling it ourselves.


Moving to Arizona, workin' for the gub-mint

[img_assist|nid=543|title=Ground control to Major Pork|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=300]

That's right. The two whitest people on the planet are moving to one of the hottest, sunniest regions of the country. What could possibly go wrong? I've got my SPF-80 ready, along with my UV protection suit.

Went to see Frank Gehry


So I saw the following posting:

SCAD Style, the Savannah College of Art and Design's signature style and design event, will present a lecture by renowned architect Frank Gehry April 28, 7:30 p.m., at the Trustees Theater, 216 E. Broughton St. The event is free and open to the public. SCAD Style is being held April 10-May 17.

So I thought to myself, "Hey, self, that sounds interesting. He was on the Simpsons, after all. He can't be that bad."


Busy busy bee!

Yeah. I haven't posted anything in weeks a month. Sorry. been busy workin'.

And stuff.

More later.



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