Nokia sucks. Mostly

Why can't I just buy a simple, durable cell phone. One that works well as a phone. Or at least works. No, I've got to get something fancy, something with bluetooth, calendar, color, all that crap. So far I've spent a stupid amount of money on goofy phones, one that's held together with tape, and one that I haven't seen for three weeks because it's at the repair center for the third time in as many months. Seems a software problem has caused it yet again to fry its circuitry. Joy.


I know, I've said a lot of mean things about SUV drivers. But you know what? They deserve it.

One lazy dog just isn't enough

A coworker is moving overseas (or so I understand) and needs to find a new home for their minature dachshund. I wonder how the resident rodent would deal with another varmint around.

Donde estan las fotos?

I've moved all the photos we've posted on this glorious site to the aptly titled 'Photos' page. Go figure.

Basically, I was too lazy (see the post below) to repost all the galleries. Some day I'll get around to finding/writing a better slideshow, but for now what you sees is what you gets.

So. You call yourself a professional?

Yeah, I'm a lazy ass. Instead of trying to learn something, and write my own blog script, I took the easy way out and installed canned software. Oh, the shame.

To make matters worse, I've not bothered to even modify the templates that much.


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