Well, that sucked

I've started on my long list of projects around the house - it's a page long at the moment. Tonight, I thought I'd finally get the dryer vent fixed, then start on painting the island in the kitchen. No biggie, right? Well, I just finished the dryer about half an hour ago. Started around 7:30. Now I'm bandaging my fingers where I sliced them on the edge of the vent pipe I'd made a jagged mess of with a cheap-ass hacksaw.


Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I got my first speeding ticket ever tonight, on my way back from Savannah. I hadn't been in South Carolina for half a mile when the ever-vigilant S.C. Highway Patrol pulled me over. I place the blame for this squarely on Dearth, for jinxing me with talk of speeding tickets on Friday at lunch.

To Betsy's later astonishment, I didn't utter a single expletive. And no, mom, I wasn't going that fast.

Gotta love A&E reenactments

I was flipping through channels and stopped for some unknown reason on one of A&E's archetypal true-crime-reenactment type shows. This particular one was about a couple of pot-growing hippies killing an elderly couple and stealing their sailboat. The pivotal scene was the attempted apprehension of the killers when they come ashore at a Hawaiian marina.

Mmmmm..... cars

I dragged Betsy out to the Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance today. It was a bit overpriced at $20 a ticket, but it was a pretty good show. A fair number of rare and/or obscure cars. I think Betsy even had a good time, but I owe her a trip to a pomeranian show, if such things exist.

Also, I vowed to one day build the car you see at left.

More pics here.

"Millions of Microbes", or "Supermarket Sushi"

I've occasionally passed by the seafood case at the supermarket and looked at their meager sushi selection, and thought - That can't be a good idea - raw fish wrapped in plastic, sitting for who-knows-how-long. Today, despite the desperate urgings of my self-preservation instinct, I picked up a serving of spicy rolls, brought them home, and promptly wolfed down all nine in minutes. Not half bad, actually.

"Help! My brain is bleeding!" and other weekend excitement

Well, it was really another weekend of sloth in Savannah. Just the way I like it. In my defense, I did plan some physical activity, but my plans were quashed by my own stupidity. I went through the trouble of putting the bike rack up the car, and loading up our bikes, and hauling them down to savannah... only to get 99.9% of the way there, and realize that I hadn't bothered to put my bike shoes in the car as well.

If Colin Quinn can, why can't I?

I cannot for the life of me figure out why Colin Quinn has his own TV show, even if it is just on Comdey Central. The dude can barely complete a sentence without stuttering, let alone do a five minute monologue. Three minutes in, I don't think he understands what the hell he's saying. By minute 5, you want him to stop just because you're embarrassed for him.

If a tool like that can get a TV show of his own, why not me?

Shock & Awe™ Brand Personal Lubricant, and other great ideas

Every once in a while you hear something funny on NPR. Not often, but occassionally. Today I heard a report on how the United States Patent and Trademark Office had received several dozen applications based on one of my favorite Bushisms 'Shock & Awe'.

Back online, for no apparent reason

Suddenly, my internet connection is working again. I know not why. I suppose it's better not to ask, lest it shut off again randomly.

Not much exciting this weekend. Watched a crappy movie (Betsy's pick!), and drank some beer and watched Vicki's new fishies. The excitement never ends around here, right? Betsy and I basically just enjoyed some much needed lounging time, after a long week at work and an even longer week on vacation the week before.

I shall dominate thee with my stature and lustrous hair

It looks like I'm well on my way to success - according to Reuters, tall people make more dough on average than those of more elfin stature. Read the story at Yahoo!, read what unemployed geeks have to say about it on Slashdot.


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