Sucked into the baby vortex

Soren hams it up on the video monitor.


Finder-like column view from hierarchical lists with jQuery

Mac OS X's Finder features a nifty NeXT throwback - the column view. This lets you browse through a hierarchy of files in a relatively compact space, and still see your path through directory structure.

Ok already, just show me the downloads!

OS X Column View

There are a couple of jQuery plugins in the archive that claim to do this, but none really fit my core needs:

Søren's got this tongue thing all figured out


Holy. Shit.

Which video is more impressive?

Finally something to show for my seven months on Mars

So I quit my job in newspapers last May and hauled my then-pregnant wife across the country to work for NASA.

I've been a busy little bee, working on all sorts of projects, mostly involving Drupal and/or jQuery. But sadly, not one has been allowed to see the light of day.

Merry Xmas

Xmas Xplosion


Moonlight a bust, found substitute


I went to the back yard seeking photos of the full moon at perigee and all I found were these crappy lanterns.

Edit: The sky cleared later on, and I took a few shots:



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