"I am the president. You cannot grab me like that"

It's a great thing to have a passion, a drive, a singular vision if you will. Some people write. Some paint.

Some people dress squirrels up to reenact historical and current events.

[img_assist|nid=368|title=Saddam the Squirrel|desc=|link=|align=none|width=486|height=456]

At least this seems slightly less cruel than the other squirrel related item I found on the internets lately.

Chicago recap

[img_assist|nid=371|title=You can't spit out the window|desc=View from the Sears Tower. No tossing pennies, loogies or small children from here folks.|link=none|align=none|width=500|height=333]

My update from our trip to the Windy City - a half a week late and at least $3.50 short.

Two of my faithful readers either lived in the city at one time or close enough and were helpful enough to send along suggestions, which in both cases read like the script of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

First pilgrimage

I took a trip out to the Apple Store at the Crabtree Valley Mall here in sunny Raleigh, NC in order to procure a power plug for my MacBook. Of course, I've got a box full of these things at work, but that doesn't help me much at the moment, does it?

I'm posting this to continue the long standing tradition of Mac dorks posting about their trips to Apple Stores in far away lands.

Ok, where's my club

Apparently, the japanese government has spent $12 million (I assume
$USD, since 12m yen is what, $3.50?) on these cuddly little gizmos to
provide comfort to the elderly. Apparently it blinks, wriggles and

Nikon S7c - Save your money

[img_assist|nid=333|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=180|height=180]Based on reviews I found online, I purchased a Nikon S7c digital camera.

"My childhood, now on display.", or "Why I'm a geek"

Wanting to cut unnecessary expenses, I went down to our climate-controlled $74/mo storage unit, to survey its contents and begin separating the heirlooms from the chaff.

It was mostly chaff[1]. I did however find one of my post prized possessions, the remnants of my vast childhood library, packed safely away in U-Haul branded boxes.

So now our spartan bookcases have been lined with the volumes that survived the Great Basement Flood of '93 (the result of the radiators freezing and bursting in the darkness of the New Jersey winter).

The leader of the free world?

Excerpts from the Decider in Chief's recent speech in [w:Tipp City, Ohio]:

I continue to be amazed

...at the super geeky powers of the Drupal developer community. I've been playing with modules over the last couple of days trying to find the right combination to create a multimedia sharing site for work that even the octogenarian residents of Greater Bluffelson could use.

The silence is deafening

The air handler above my office just shut off (hopefully intentionally, and not because it's broken), and it's shocking to hear the difference between the constant din of rushing air and the quiet.

Of course, I can still hear the women over in advertising clucking away about their offspring. At least I can shut my office door to fix that.

Edit: Dammit, that didn't last long. The infernal whirring is back. I'm sure it's resulted in some long-term hearing loss, brain damage, or both.



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