25° is perfect zoo weather

It's f'n cold! Sez the coyote.

Keeps the animals slow and easy to spot.



Newer, more improved-er

It's past 3AM here in the frozen tundra of greater Boston, and I've just about finished porting my personal site and its 10+ years of cruft from it's long-neglected Drupal 5 install to a shiny new Drupal 7 base.

More on that later. Now I'm going to bed.


Dialup still matters ... OR ... how to ruin someone's day with a couple bits of code, and how to fix it

I recently relaunched the Mars Odyssey THEMIS web site, moving from a home-grown Perl not-really-a-CMS to Drupal. There were a number of technical challenges moving from a site and architecture that had grown organically over many years to a modern CMS with better usability from both the end users and site managers perspective. Talking about those challenges is for another post, but for now, a reminder how important small decisions can be to usability.

I received this email this morning:

Displaying multiple axes for a single series in Flex charts

I'm building a Flex application for work used to manage and manipulate infrared spectroscopy data.

Typically, this data is plotted like so, using Gnuplot or some similar plotting package.

Where one or more series are plotted where X values are wavelength/wavenumber and Y values are emissivities.

Ah Norwegians ...

... when they're not hucking themselves off cliffs in flying squirrel suits, they're bashing said cliffs with giant balls ... from helicopters.

Find your place on the Red Planet

Today is one day before my one-year anniversary at the Mars Space Flight Facility, and also one day after I finally got something else launched that the public might have a remote interest in.

Suggest an Image

On child rearing...

[WIFE] "I don't like this habit he's picked up recently of swatting and hitting everything."

[ME] "Honey, he's just learning to keep his pimp hand strong."


Mmm ... beer

Dark Roasted Blend presents a pictorial look at the wide world of beer, including...

Beef flavored beer for pomeranians, beer that tastes like banana bread,
Pomeranian banana beer


In all my spare time...

Though we're renting at the moment, it would be nice to eventually be homeowners again. Though at the rate the economy is going right now, we may be owning something along the lines of a van down by the river.

Homes out here in the godforsaken desert are still listed for entirely unreasonably high prices, and frankly, are mostly crap: 1950's - 1970's concrete block ranches (with no insulation) or more recent stick construction already rotting and foreclosed in distant suburbs after only a few years.


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