I'm in ur breakroomz watchin ur creemerz

Supposedly, people are less likely to steal when they're feeling watched. Even if they're being watched by eyes printed on a piece of paper. I have no substantiation of this, as even with my mastery of the Google search, I couldn't find the article I'd read.

Nevertheless, being the intrepid experimentalist, I moved forward with my own 'all seeing eye' study, watching for the perpetrators of the massive theft of Sweet-n-Low, sugar and non-dairy creamer from our breakroom.

We shall see if this has any effect, and I will report my findings to you, my esteemed readers.

Update: My steely eye didn't even make it through the night. Clearly some humorless drone (or perhaps the kleptomaniacal parties themselves) removed it, intimidated by its stern gaze. Bastids. Wait until we install a real CoffeeCam. Then they'll be sorry. Muahahahahahahahaha.