The RV lifestyle. Just the thing for the Financiapocalypse?

As we were driving to Scottsdale for a doctor's appointment, the wife mentioned how great it was to not own any real estate right now, due to the impending doom of the global financial system and whatnot. And then, unsolicited, she brought up living in an Airstream.

Now, I've been joking with her for oh, about five months that we should just sell off all of this crap we don't really need, and move ourselves into an RV (of the Airstream variety, perhaps) and live a semi-nomadic lifestyle.

The Wife usually dismisses this line of thought with an unspoken, but palpable "you're an idiot". But this time, she said things like "So what would be the advantages of living in an Airstream?" and "how would the baby do in an Airstream?"

I take this as a sign that her resolve is cracking, and we'll soon be techno-nomads, traveling the plains in our great silver land-zeppelin, towed by three tons of American iron (that we purchased with 20 lbs walnut shells, the going rate), migrating between Wifi spots and storm sewers in which to surreptitiously drain our black water tank. I cannot wait.

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You're missing the best part. When you and your friends get together with a bunch of Airstreams, Winnebagos and migrate around, scrounging plate metal for armor, and installing machine gun turrets on top. Just remember to keep your fuel tanker in the middle of the convoy and then you're kickin' it Mad Max style.

Just remember to not buy the act of any con-artists wearing a mail carrier's uniform.

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Dammit Randy, that was going to be part 2 ... Betsy's not ready for Part 2 yet. But in time... in time...

Um...I was really tired today. Not sure I can be held to this conversation?

That looks cool. Let's start a caravan. We can sit in lawn chairs every night, drink beer and bounce the purdy baby on our knee and discuss nuke-cul-ar war. Or just drink beer and bounce the baby and grill some burgers.

There's a place nearby where some of the old folks come in the winter with their RVs. It has no (legal) electricity, the groundwater's probably tainted and it's right next to the pungent Salton Sea, but hell, it's free. Ah, the carefree life of squatting on an abandoned Marine post...

Ah, the Salton Sea... or the more aptly named "Lake Mistake". Actually I think it would make a pretty good location for Bartertown, don't you think?

Heck yeah brother! That's an awesome idea. Val and I can outfit ours with a stellar kitchen and barter his fab cooking as we go. If only we could get enough gas to get there from ga. Damn gb. Couldn't he get at least one thing right in the white house before he leaves. Miss you guys. Happy baby perculating!