Sorry boys (and girls), she's taken

That's right, I'm married to "the woman behind one of Savannah's most popular blogs."

The teevee done tole' me so.



I assume that a blogger in the highest echelon of popularity in Savannah is making so much green that she act as a sugar momma to her embittered husband so he can quit his job and goof off all day.

Not to mention all those endorsement dollars flowing in from that Apple product placement.

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We're still holding out for a deal.

Famous blogger or otherwise, it's still not cool to put stickers on a work of art....well congrats anyway....

So the funniest part of that TV segment besides the reporter named Paul *Ray* (funny) was Chris going to town with his tea bag in the background. You go boy, steep that bag!!! If I didn't know you I'd think the hubby in the background just lets the *famous* wife do her computer canoodling while he hangs around and drinks tea. heehee
I hope blog Savanny went well.