First pilgrimage

I took a trip out to the Apple Store at the Crabtree Valley Mall here in sunny Raleigh, NC in order to procure a power plug for my MacBook. Of course, I've got a box full of these things at work, but that doesn't help me much at the moment, does it?

I'm posting this to continue the long standing tradition of Mac dorks posting about their trips to Apple Stores in far away lands.

Basically, I got in, asked for the part, found they didn't have it. Left. So much for a pilgrimage.

My observations:

  • Suburban Raleigh/Cary makes an even greater effort than Hilton Hell to make it impossible to find anything. Little, if any signage on the road or in shopping plaza.
  • I wasn't intimidated by the denizens of the Apple Store like Dearth was. But this is the shiny buckle of the Tobacco belt.
  • Sweet moses in a chicken suit! That 30" Cinema Display is frickin' huge! Sign me up for three so I can be just like Al:

[img_assist|nid=361|title=Al Gore's office|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=500|height=331]


It's not just the Apple Store. I feel like an incredibly unattractive schlub pretty much everywhere I go in Southern California. Perhaps I ought to resume my long-dormant tooth-brushing habit.