The silence is deafening


The air handler above my office just shut off (hopefully intentionally, and not because it's broken), and it's shocking to hear the difference between the constant din of rushing air and the quiet.

Of course, I can still hear the women over in advertising clucking away about their offspring. At least I can shut my office door to fix that.

Edit: Dammit, that didn't last long. The infernal whirring is back. I'm sure it's resulted in some long-term hearing loss, brain damage, or both.


Is the stained ceiling tile still there? And does your office still shake when someone flushes the men's john? Because I don't think I could bear it if those things changed.

Christian's picture

Yes and yes.

In fact, when once in a blue moon a certain nearsighted editor comes into my office, he squints at the ceiling showing great concern and states that the stains look like they're getting bigger. I assure him that they're not.