Damn europeans get all the cool stuff


[img_assist|nid=221|title=335d Touring|desc=|link=url,http://www.channel4.com/4car/ft/bmw/3-series+touring/8234/1|align=center|width=440|height=305]
38 mpg diesel. 0-60 in under 6 seconds. Room for five and a couple corpses lots of luggage in the back, and kayaks on the roof. 6-speed manual. But BMW won't bring it here, because Americans won't buy enough of 'em.

I guess too many wouldn't be caught dead in a station wagon, and all the cool kids have them SUVs.

Note to Fat Cats in Munich: bring it across the pond, and I'll take mine in white, please.


Like HELL you will!

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Blah blah blah. ;-)

I think *someone* told BMW to say that we 'Mericans wouldn't buy us no cars that git good gas mileage.
See we be pawns to some fucker named Bush and his oil cronies so we can choose from some purdy colors in our cars but that's about it.
BMW brings that car to his here soil and they'll damn sure become part of the growing Axis of Evil, especially now with gas over $2.80/gal, at least in these parts.

white? dude, that's so gay.

if you want a sweet wagon - go here:


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Well, if I'm going to go that route, might as well get a Family Truckster.