fancy liberal-arts colleges

Great Slashdot quote

"You have to understand what a Liberal Arts major is. For a very select few people, it's a stepping stone to being a professor, or research, or something else at the top of the field. For the vast majority however, a liberal arts degree is an opportunity to do some partying, find a mate, and prove that you're able to show up on time. So yeah, you can get a 4.0 liberal arts degree much easier than you can get an engineering degree, but you won't be able to be an engineer with one!"

How is it that I'm posting this before Dearth?

Ah, fancy-pants liberal arts colleges. Always thinking creatively. Probably all of the group hugs, women's studies majors and Division - III sports. Spawn of Cap'n Fun and his bride of course attended one of the fancier of the fancy-pants fine liberal arts colleges, where each student is treated like the special, unique flower that they are, Wisconsin's own Beloit College.

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