Find your place on the Red Planet

Today is one day before my one-year anniversary at the Mars Space Flight Facility, and also one day after I finally got something else launched that the public might have a remote interest in.

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Good work, ASU Track team!

Good job ASU students! When you're not rockin' out to bands in the middle of the day next to the library when kids at other universities are studying, you're getting the leader of the free world to throw the shocker!

It makes me proud to be associated, even remotely, with you.

"The sweet smell of science" or "How many cats do you have in here, anyway?"

Came in this morning, and the entire central part of our building ... reeks of cat piss. Apparently this happens whenever it rains with any vigor, due to the crazies that are raising colonies of feral cats under our building.

I watch them feed the little buggers outside my window every day. I'm tempted to "accidentally" dump water out of my window on them one of these days.

Thankfully, my office is not in an area affected by the stench. Yet.


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