Taliesin West

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Our friend Phil is visiting for the weekend as a stop on his tour of the American West. Next stop will be a tent in Utah, apparently.

We drove up to Scottsdale to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's compound, Taliesin West [Flickr].

Amazed by efficiency

Today Betsy and I:

  • Got Arizona driver's licenses
  • Opened a bank account
  • Made several doctor's appointments
  • Visited my employer's HR department
  • Turned on water, gas and electric utilities
  • Visited our new home (moving in Saturday)
  • Drove randomly around Tempe and Scottsdale

We managed all of this between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm, and everyone we dealt with was friendly, helpful and courteous.

We're here

We made it. That's about all I got.

Betsy and Christian's cross-country adventure- Day 1: Mississippi Sucks

We just wrapped up our first day of our cross-country journey to begin the next phase of our lives in Tempe, AZ, unfortunately without our favorite traveling companion. It was a long slog, but we made good time.

The first leg was by far the worst, through the monotonous interstates of central Georgia, a desolate wasteland punctuated only by garish billboards hawking discount divorces, discount liquor and handjob joints (probably not in that order), from Statesboro to Atlanta.

Moving [email protected]#%ing sucks

Schlepping the dozen or so boxes of books, papers and sporting equipment from our storage unit back to the house reminded me how much I hate moving shit around, after doing it at least 7 times over the last 8 years (mostly the wife's crap).

I've therefore decided it'll be worth every penny of the exorbitant fee the movers are going to charge to pack, load, ship, store and and unload our stuff.


So many choices

Now the fun part. Within less than 30 days we have to:

  • Move out of our house in Savannah.
  • Find a place in the Tempe/Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale area.
  • Move ourselves and all our crap 2200 miles across the country.

I've made at least 8 moves in the last 9 years, but they've all been local. Any advice on a long cross-country move?

I'm considering

1) Having professional movers pick up our stuff, and move it. Maybe pack it too.

2) Renting a Penske truck and car trailer and hauling it ourselves.


Moving to Arizona, workin' for the gub-mint

[img_assist|nid=543|title=Ground control to Major Pork|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=300]

That's right. The two whitest people on the planet are moving to one of the hottest, sunniest regions of the country. What could possibly go wrong? I've got my SPF-80 ready, along with my UV protection suit.

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