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Bike provides transportation, filtered water

Much more innovative than yesterday's swimming chinese weinermobile:

Aquaduct mobile filtration vehicle

I've always wanted a miniature version of the Oscar Mayer weinermobile

Detroit Auto Show Report 4: Tang Hua


They always keep the special stuff in the basement at Cobo Hall. This trio of electric vehicles from Chinese manufacturer Tang Hua are pure happiness dressed up in screaming yellow fiberglass. The one on top is called "Detroit Fish"... and it's amphibious. What else do you need to know?


Reasonably impressed with new iPhone firmware ... MacBook Air ... not so much

While the Mac whore zealot was clearly awestruck by Apple's new MacBook Air, what with its svelte profile and light weight, not to mention complete lack of upgradability, less power and higher price than standard MacBooks... I was more interested in the latest iPhone firmware update that was also announced at yesterday's MacWorld Expo Stevenote.

How to get a Samsung HM250JI hard drive to play nice with your MacBook

My loyal readers reader may want to tune this one out. I'm going to take a brief respite from my usual fare sophomoric humor and crude language to delve into the geekery necessitated by the recent shortage of space on my precious, yet abused, MacBook, caused saving far too many pr0n files important spreadsheets.

Anyway, the 80 GB drive I thought I'd never use up was filled to the brim, so I purchased a 250 GB, 5400 RPM Samsung HM250JI drive from NewEgg.

HDTV - Really what we want?

I spent a goodly portion of the New Years holiday weekend watching football (yes, football) and some way-cool outdoor ice hockey on ESPN HD and FOX HD. When we switched back to good ol' analog ABC to view another game, I thought my eyes weren't working right. The screen was all jagged with compression artifacts, the graphics were illegible. I could see blobs moving around the screen, but couldn't tell if they were linebackers or amoebas.

It's alive!

Well, it's finally up and running - an unholy marriage of Wordpress and Drupal.

Science prove shitty drivers cause traffic delay

"Dr Orosz continued: 'When you tap your brake, the traffic may come to a full stand-still several miles behind you. It really matters how hard you brake - a slight braking from a driver who has identified a problem early will allow the traffic flow to remain smooth. Heavier braking, usually caused by a driver reacting late to a problem, can affect traffic flow for many miles.'"

A lapse in judgment, or great opportunity?

As if I wasn't busy enough, I attended a meeting Friday with folks from The Creative Coast, Savannah Morning News, and a couple of other folks... and in a moment of weakness offered to host the site for this year's BlogSavannah (un)conference... which turned into hosting itself, as Drew can't do it this year.


Quoth The Wife: "You are such a guy."

Warning - NSFW language.

Drunk Redneck Jumps His Suzuki - Watch more free videos

I think I have a new catchphrase.

"We're getting rid of cable" or "I heart the internets"

The Wife and I had some sort of epiphany the other night. You know the kind - the sort that lights up like a beacon on the horizon, leading you to a new path in your life.... or like a bowl full of jalapeño queso dip, just gives you awful gas.

We realized that we'd barely turned on the television in more than a week.


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