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Bush Highway, Maricopa

DSC 0002

From my early evening drive.

Haiku for Saturday

First breezes of Fall
Freshening air, mind and soul
Remind me of Home


The RV lifestyle. Just the thing for the Financiapocalypse?

As we were driving to Scottsdale for a doctor's appointment, the wife mentioned how great it was to not own any real estate right now, due to the impending doom of the global financial system and whatnot. And then, unsolicited, she brought up living in an Airstream.

Now, I've been joking with her for oh, about five months that we should just sell off all of this crap we don't really need, and move ourselves into an RV (of the Airstream variety, perhaps) and live a semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Now That's What I Call Music

Miles Davis is talented and all... but something is... missing...

Please bear with me, I'm obviously not well

While the wife is blogging about vast conspiracy theories, I'm busy sharing more intellectual fare.

Like more Muppets, this time doing "Habanera" from Carmen


Multi-column lists with jQuery, an alternative method

So I needed a method to take a long, nested list and turning it into a compact, multiple acolumn list, in order to display it as sort of a site map for the home page for a site I'm working on.

Being a huge fan of jQuery, it was naturally my go-to library of choice.

Scanning the plugins site, I found a possible solution from a feller called Ingo Schommer called columnizeList.

Fuck you, Steve

We went down to the Phoenix Apple Store today to get my lovely bride an iPhone. Or technically, to get me a new 3G iPhone, and give her my old one.

This turned out to be one of the worst retail experiences I've had in a while.

"The sweet smell of science" or "How many cats do you have in here, anyway?"

Came in this morning, and the entire central part of our building ... reeks of cat piss. Apparently this happens whenever it rains with any vigor, due to the crazies that are raising colonies of feral cats under our building.

I watch them feed the little buggers outside my window every day. I'm tempted to "accidentally" dump water out of my window on them one of these days.

Thankfully, my office is not in an area affected by the stench. Yet.


NASA: Making it as difficult as possible to get the data you need

It's becoming clear to me that many (perhaps not all) NASA web sites and web services are set up in such a way that it's damn near impossible to get the information you need out of them without chanting the correct incantation and sacrificing a chicken. It's a bit frustrating, and a bit like the web c. 1999.


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