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Infestered by haints

We've been in the new house for a week now, and while we're all enjoying our new setting, but we don't know how long we'll stay.

Recently, strange phenomena has manifested itself. For the last four nights, we've come home to find the dogs mysteriously locked in the upstairs bedroom, and this afternoon, Blondie (admittedly the dimmer of the pair) made her way under the house. She emerged possessed by whatever demon accosted her, and has not stopped her yipping since, no matter how hard Betsy paddles her.

Clearly some supernatural force wants us gone, and will stop at nothing to accomplish its insidious goal.


Oh sweet, sweet intarweb

Almost six months to the day after purchasing our new digs downtown in Savannah, we're finally living here. And more importantly, after four days without, we're finally back online, and getting TV and phone service. W00t, etc.

We're very excited to finally be in the house, after lots of hard work from us, my folks, and especially my brother Mark. When we've got a little more daylight, I'll post up some pics of the place.


Sweet Jesus, that hurt

On our last building project, I messed up my knees pretty bad. I crawled around on the floor for at least a week laying and grouting slate tile, and my knees still snap, crackle and pop when I walk up stairs. That was more than three years ago.

Today I think I dealt my patellar cartilage its death blow with one of these here gizmos:

One uses such a device to stretch and anchor carpet into place. One does this by smashing on the padded end with one's knees, repeatedly, whilst the teeth on the business end dig into the carpet.


No Mo Porsche

Well, I finally went and done it. Gave up those unreliable little sports cars for a sensible, sedate sedan, with four doors and a warranty...
...and 500 horsepower V10. Oh well. Did I mention it has four doors? I guess I'll be driving on lunch junkets more often now.


I give up

I finally decided to stop screwing around with the template for my site, and just do what I did last time - use someone else's good design. I did at least take the time to put in my own lame-ass header picture.

I spend too much time screwing around with this crap all day to come home and to it again at night. Of course, I've got to make an exception for [|my lovely wife] whose blog already has a higher [w:page rank] than mine.


Road trip not complete without near-death experience

Betsy and I took the day off to get the hell out of Savannah on what we figured would be the most horrendous St. Patrick's day in recent memory. We thought it would be good to avoid the influx of 400,000 disorderly drunks hell bent on public urination and indecent exposure. Well, mostly the former. Ya'll know I loves 'dem tigole bitties! Anywho...


It's a work in progress... sorta

Nearly 80 days after my last post, I've decided it was time to move on to a better web host, and a better software platform, with more room for my porn pictures of family and friends.

Now all I have to do is figure out how the hell I'm going to get all those nuggets of comedic genius posted on my old site over to this one. I'm sure that'll be easy. Right. Easy.


Turns out it wasn't that hard, but it was definately tedious. I'm still debating whether or not I want to bother porting all of the comments over. I'm leaning towards not, as at least half of them now are penis enlargement and Hoodia (WTF is hoodia, anyway?) spam.


This is going to have a serious impact on my productivity

My beloved bride and I exchanged our gifts tonight, deciding there was no sense in waiting until Christmas day (and besides, she hadn't even wrapped mine!).

She got me an original Xbox, and the Forza Motorsport driving game. Which I've been playing. For the last three hours straight. I had to stop a few minutes ago since my hands had cramped into painful claw shapes.

I don't think I'm ever going to get anything done, ever again.

And Betsy will probably never get to use the living room TV.

Merry Christmas!

What's new

It's been a while since I've posted anything meaningful on this site (well, some may argue that that's never happened). So without further delay:

We've got yet another small dog

Since our last attempt at adding another fur-bearing varmint to our household went so well, we thought, what the hell, let's try again!

I knew it!


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