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Blood, spurting from my fingernails

It's every bit as fun as it sounds. First this weekend, when I was using my nails to pry infernal little clips on the back of a picture frame (36 of the little bastards), I managed to jam one at high speed under nail of my pinky. Squirting blood. Ouch.

Apply a band-aid, back to work. Get 75% done installing pictures. Jam another metal clip under my thumbnail. No blood this time, more of a bruise; but strangely, it hurts more.

Two days later - don't know how, but I manage to bend my other thumbnail back about 1/8 inch, ripping the skin apart underneith. More blood. Can I not do anything without injuring myself in some stupid manner?


Suck my nuts, spammers

I had to shut down comments from unauthenticated users yet again today, after seeing that I'd amassed several hundred nonsense spam comments in the last week or two (and peaking in the last couple hours at a few dozen/hr). I've gotta say, what's the point of spamming without any links, and without any readable text? Am I missing the next great thing in marketing? Is "kjkajhajslhd ahjahsdk jahksjhad hajskdhg" Romulan for "BuYz V1AgR09a N0w!"?

Now the decision I have to make is - do I throw caution to the wind, and upgrade to Drupal 4.7 without testing, so I can start using [w:captcha|captchas] on comments? Or do I use the time I could otherwise spend watching yesterday's Simpsons season premiere awaiting me on the POS Comcast DVR dutifully replicating my install and testing the new version. Hmm...


Oh Windoze, how I loathe thee

I've had my new MacBook running [:|Parallels] and the dreaded Windoze XP for all of 72 hours now, and I'm already reinstalling the OS. Seems the copy of Cisco VPN client I found on the intarweb went and crapped itself, allowing me to neither run or uninstall it, nor load a more recent version on top of it. So, I'm back to watching XP install for what it estimates to be 54 minutes, give or take.

I guess I'm now an official [:|reboot monkey]. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to Barnes & Noble to pick up some study aids for my [:|MCSE] exam.


Once again, showing a lack of original thought

Here's the product of my visit to some guy's Colbert Report On Notice board generator. Because I don't have any of my own ideas, and I just like copying Dearth, of course.


Lazy Sunday

It's 8:30 PM, and I haven't showered yet. There. I said it. I'm not ashamed.

Unless you count working from midnight to 6:00 AM on Saturday, I've not accomplished a damn thing this weekend.

Just thought my adoring public would want to know.


Well, back in MY day...

I was appalled (yes appalled!) this morning when I opened my jumbo-sized box of Froot Loops. There, sitting on top of the hermetically sealed bag of delicious artificially sweetened O's was another sealed bag, containing the Pirates of the Caribbean Skull Strobe toy promised on the front of the box.

That's right, this country has truly gone to hell in a handbasket. No longer must Timmy and Sally White-Bread-'Merican eat their way through an entire 3 pound box of 'Loops to get their precious toy (or dump the whole box). Nope, they can just pluck the bit of plastic right off the top, and be mesmerized by sinister, flashing light of Johnny Depp's skull.


My name is Chris, and I have a car problem

From the lovely wife on our way to dinner on Friday:

"Honey, do you have a car problem?"

They call me the Baby Nazi

They're pulled to me by an unseen force. Perhaps it's karma. Too many comments about coffin dodgers, nuking Blufflelson, etc. Perhaps, as some have said before, I just have bad luck.

Whatever the cause, if there's a screaming child in a restaurant, or a coworker's infant surrounded by a heard of cooing women, it's gonna be parked right near me.

Dearth and I went to Guiseppi's yesterday, and the hostess seated us in a booth right next to two soccer moms lunching with their toddlers. This can't possibly be good, I thought as we sat down. Sure enough, a bloodcurdling scream soon issued forth inches behind my left ear, along with some what I'm sure was either drool or vomit. I thought I smelled half digested Cherrios.

The mother of all bad ideas

The mother of all bad ideas Yes, that's Blondie, who is admittedly the dimmer of our two pomeranians. And yes, she's strapped to the wife's chest with some sort of inhumane contraption that has stolen what little dignity the dog has left.

Don't try this at home, kids.


Turtles and dolphins and headstones, oh my!

We made two small out of (down)town excursions this weekend, with Betsy's dad and stepmom. Yesterday we made a visit to the [|Wormslow] historic site. We paid our four clams a head to trundle down a mile long lane of hundred year old oaks (the brochure claims 400 of the suckers), watch a brief, poorly produced informational [|DNR] film, browse a 'museum', then wander about the site.



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