It's alive!

Well, it's finally up and running - an unholy marriage of Wordpress and Drupal.

I bring you BlogSavannah and its Drupal-powered registration site. After experimenting with a half dozen community modules, I decided to set up the framework for a real event-oriented site, instead of doing a one-off solution. I was able to use the great Event, Signup and Location modules, leaving me with only the sidebar stuff to write code for. Good times. Now we'll have a great framework for publicizing more Savannah events in the future.

Oh, and then there's the event that started all this - the BlogSavannah UnConference 2008. You can get more information and register online for this free event we're holding at AASU on January 25th.


And what a pretty site it is. Oh, and functional too! This is gonna be the best blogsavannah unconference ever...

WTF? Bring back the old Blog Savvanah sight, this 1 suks. Agin, U R repsonstible 4 destroiying my link 2 sumthing i hold deer to my hart.

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U spelz gud.