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It's been a while since I've posted anything meaningful on this site (well, some may argue that that's never happened). So without further delay:

We've got yet another small dog

Since our last attempt at adding another fur-bearing varmint to our household went so well, we thought, what the hell, let's try again!

This dog seems to be healthier than Mr. Bones (so named by his original owner for his svelte build, which turned out to be caused by a rampant parasite infestation). However, she shares much of his spasticity, and as a bonus, a predisposition to carsickness. So far I've found that Blondie, as she was christened by the backyard breeder in Jesup, GA we bought her from:

  1. Doesn't listen to anything I say
  2. Enjoys stealing and chewing Betsy's socks
  3. Pisses on the floor (and maybe your shirt if you're particularly unlucky like me) when you pick her up
  4. Likes to dive under fences, and out of cars at busy interstate rest stops

In other words, she's a dog, unlike Sephie, who seems to be some sort of small, hypoallergenic cat.

We bought another house

Apparently we I don't feel whole unless we've got at least two mortgages hanging over our heads. As soon as we'd sold the Hilton Head house, the search was on for more real estate. While we've loved our condo, it's a bit small for the folks to come and visit. So we're under contract to buy the place pictured at left. It's in the Historic District downtown, conveniently two blocks from our favorite breakfast spot and staggering distance from a good many bars.

We're hoping to move in mid-January. The condo will go on the rental market most likely, so if you or someone you know is interested in a cool place in Savannah, send them my way.