What a difference an hour makes

Since Daylight Saving Time ended two weeks ago, my once pleasant 30 minute commute has spiraled rapidly downward into a 45-50 minute ordeal, with average speeds falling into the 40's. Not only has the volume (perceived, at least) grown, but every SUV and Saturn driving retard on the road seems to want to approach the posted speed limit within 10 mph.

I've posited on numerous occasions that the average driver's I.Q. drops well below the posted speed limit whenever a drop of water hits the windshield of their vehicle, and I fear the same must be said of those already challenged folks when suddenly it's darker when they leave work. But what I can't figure out is why these organ banks from Sector 7-G see the need to trundle along to their meaningless dead-end jobs at the same pace in the now blinding early morning light.

Apparently, the statistics dont' lie. People really DO get dumber when the time changes. I fear the only solution may be to send 'em all off to the glue factory. Or a big-ass wood chipper.