A lapse in judgment, or great opportunity?

As if I wasn't busy enough, I attended a meeting Friday with folks from The Creative Coast, Savannah Morning News, and a couple of other folks... and in a moment of weakness offered to host the site for this year's BlogSavannah (un)conference... which turned into hosting BlogSavannah.com itself, as Drew can't do it this year.

When I got back to work and told Randy about this, he threatened to smack me for being so altruistic. Nothing good ever comes of that right?

Well, I figured it was the least I could do to help out, and it was braindead simple to move the database and files over to my server, and get Wordpress up and running.

If I had more time, I'd port the thing to Drupal, but with the unconference tentatively scheduled for January 25th, there ain't no time. Now I just need to grok WP enough to get a couple things done, like a registration page.