'Journalism 2.0' or 'How very un-unconference like'

The Savannah Business Report & Journal spammed me with their daily newsletter yesterday, which contained this little gem...

Ideas and IPs: Unconference Proves Real Success

By Burton Sauls
Special to the TBR


One organizer, Burton Sauls, said that the expert leaders in specific sessions are considered "conversation starters" rather than presenters. "No trade show sales pitches, no PowerPoint's allowed," said Sauls, of the 10 one-hour conversations. "We had two sessions created on the spot as a result of interest in drilling down further on "How to Start a Blog for Business" and "Social Media Tools. We were ready and had extra rooms available for the impromptu sessions."


Conversations were led by local experts on such diverse topics as "Podcasting and New Media" by Phil Sellers of http://www.citytrex.com


[Link to article]

Advice to businesses or individuals promoting themselves, their products, their clients products: Don't say you won't do or allow something (like a product pitch) ... then turn around and do that very thing a couple paragraphs later.

Advice to media establishments trying to figure out how to participate in the world of blogs and the 24 hour news cycle: You still have to use editors. Printing press releases, especially where the author quotes himself and promotes a service he's associated with without disclosing it doesn't come across as good journalism.



Why is this concept so hard to grasp? Have we entered the second age of yellow journalism yet?

Cool! That’s me getting dissed on the netweb.
And what seems odd is that you’re right, alright.
Maybe not 100% spot-on correct, but right nonetheless.

I was surprised to get the byline, was emailed for some info on the blogsav uncon and supplied. My reply got posted with my name in the byline, with me quoting myself, and making references my partner as an authority on his conversation topic. Linked to my company too. Well, not actually hot-hyper-linked, but you know…
Not the swiftest I’ve ever appeared. A schooling was had by all. Not to pass the buck, but thems the fax what happened.

Now I’m just making it worse:
If I said the product pitch wasn’t “at” the uncon but in an article “about” the uncon, I’d be nit-picking and really sound guilty and defensive. I won’t say that because I was as surprised as anyone when I saw this.

Their initial working title was more fun, it was: "Bloggers, KBBs, digerati and more meet, grok; leave as BFFs."

Anyway, fun stuff. I agree with you. Kumbaya & serenity now.

geez, do something about that captcha from H3LL. I must be Uppercase/Lowercase dyslexic.