"We're getting rid of cable" or "I heart the internets"

The Wife and I had some sort of epiphany the other night. You know the kind - the sort that lights up like a beacon on the horizon, leading you to a new path in your life.... or like a bowl full of jalapeño queso dip, just gives you awful gas.

We realized that we'd barely turned on the television in more than a week.

This would be the same television we pay a $150 fee monthly to feed with its precious lifeblood, a surge of 500 digital and HD channels, of which we may watch two or three. Then there's the two Comcast DVR's which malfunction more often than not.

So we said to ourselves, "Selves? WTF are we spending this money for? All we end up doing is sitting around jacked into the internets anyway, with the TV going in the background."

And besides, isn't most of the stuff we really want to watch on the internets anyway?

I endeavored to find out.

And by God, I think I have.


I do believe I've found what I'm looking for in Joost.

I bring you, gentle reader, Yoga 4 Dudes.

Who needs Comcast?