"Most impressive local car dealership commercials I've ever seen" or "Beware of the Trunk Monkey"

Most dealership commercials involve something hokey.

  • A guy with a kid and a goat.
  • A guy (the GM) that dresses in drag, as a groundhog, a leprechaun, the Easter Bunny, or whatever else is seasonal. (Sorry, couldn't find a video, but if you're local to Savannah, you've probably seen the Coastal Chevrolet commercials)
  • A screaming guy in overalls.

Most dealership commercials feature the general manager, sales manager, or owner, usually looking pretty awkward and/or ridiculous. Sometimes with their awkward child, a dog, or a costume.

It's a purely ego-driven thing.

I don't have empirical knowledge of whether or not it works, but I can say as a guy that buys cars way too frequently, I don't purchase from these places where the GM is dressed up like Brittany Spears.

That's why the following campaign is so refreshing. There are no costumes, no screaming car salesmen, no repo man. They don't even show the product. There is a chimpanzee, however.

It's brand building. It says Suburban Auto Group is smart, funny, and values quality (as shown in the production values of the shoots, and the storylines).

They don't think you're an idiot that will be swayed by some doofus in a costume, or some windbag screaming about how he won't be undersold.

I'm sure this cost a bundle, but it was probably worth it.


Not to rain on your parade, but the trunk monkey commercials have been making the rounds for the past few years. Not sure where they started, but a Columbus dealer was running them a couple years ago. Then whatever ad agency came up with it, just sells it to a dealer in a different market. I hope you didn't buy your Subaru cause of the monkey.

That being said, monkeys are funny.

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Well la-dee-da. I guess us po dumb folks in the country don't get the same sophistmacacated commercials as you big city Columbus folks.