User comments: a black hole of logic and civility

Big Media And User Comments: The Onion Nails It

User feedback on blogs (or any Internet forum/community) is always fascinating to watch. Things start off great, but as the community gets larger basic human rules for interaction break down and, basically, everything goes to hell. The Onion, as usual, has a very funny look at how big media might interact with user feedback in the video above. The uselessness of trying to respond intelligently to the most outrageous comments is dead on and extremely funny.

Also check out the College Humor video that shows what a comment stream might look like in the form of an office meeting. Anyone who runs a blog will appreciate both of these.

[Pilfered entirely from TechCrunch]


I laughed so hard I cried. Those were the first tears I have shed since my traumatic childhood. I feel... human again. Thank you, kind sir.

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