Must feed the beast

Ok, you can start up with the "Chris changes cars more often than he changes his underwear" jokes (not true, by the way, but close).


Yeah, I have yet another new car. This time a shiny new Subaru Impreza WRX STI. That's a long ass name for a hatchback with 305 hp, all-wheel-drive and big ass fender flares.

My loyal readers will remember the last time I tried going from a 2 door sports car to a practical 4 door, I ended up with what the wife disaffectionately called "The Big Blue Mistake", which I owned for all of seven months.

I think this will last longer. It's less powerful than my outgoing vehicle, but it's fun to drive, and very practical. Hell, I've already strapped ladders on the roof of it. Last time I had to do that, I had to rent a truck from Home Depot.

Now, for your amusement, the progression of my madness since 1999:


So I'm not seeing a time element in there, even though I see a line that says "time." I see HP but not how long you had each car. Maybe a slideshow would help? heehee You're funny.