I didn't think it was possible

I really didn't think it was possible for folks out here in the West to be worse at anything than those great people in Greater Blufflestank. But I found one.

Folks out here in the desert can't drive for shit when it rains. On our way back from the Middle of Nowhere (The interesection of AZ-87 and AZ-260 in Payson, AZ) we hit rain. Strong rain, but not Biblical rain. Not pull-off-the-road-in-a-panic rain (guess what people did?). Not drive-35-miles-per-hour-in-a-65-zone rain (guess what people did?). Not-drive-your-SUV-over-the-limit-and-wreck-in-a-fiery-crash rain (guess... well, you get the point).

The last incident was the apparent cause of a 1.5 hour backup we sat in that closed 87 for a while. With great hope I punched the 'Detour' button on the Garmin, hoping it would navigate us around the gridlock... unfortunately its suggested alternate route was a 150 mile trip vs. our 47 mi. return, and we'd already been sitting for 1/2 an hour.

There was also no shortage of people driving well over the limits of their vehicles - Scottsdale douchebags in Range Rovers rolling on dubs and bitter dads in Honda Odysseys alike tailgating me as I was doing 65 in the mist.

And upon our return to the Phoenix metro area, we had to take two detours from our normal route due to flooding. Nice. At least we enjoyed the scenic drive out to the mountains, if we couldn't enjoy the trip back.


I told ya...

that AZ drivers suck. They cannot drive in the rain, but in their defense they can't drive when it's dry either. Seriously, they never get to practice. There is another thing, though. When it first rains here, the roads are a LOT slicker than they are in your average area because the roads don't get a regular rain cleaning.