Speed Kills - Please Slow Down

Despite that admonishment emblazoned on the speedometer of the 14 foot "Gentle Ride" U-HAUL truck I rented today, I figured I'd be the slowest thing on the highway. Anywhere else in the country my 11,000 pound mid-eighties diesel behemoth would have been been a moving chicane for other motorists. But this, of course is Hilton Hell. The kind folks at U-HAUL tell me I drove 146 miles, and most of it stuck behind tourons lumbering in both lanes at 35 mph, heads swiveling back and forth, trying to find their timeshare and a seafood restaurant.

On a positive note, my efforts and frustration today were not wasted, as we're about 95% moved out of the house on Hilton Hell, and I managed to sneak my 5 gallon drum of two year old, fetid, turkey-enriched peanut oil past the minders at the public dump. And without spilling it, even.