Shock & Awe™ Brand Personal Lubricant, and other great ideas

Every once in a while you hear something funny on NPR. Not often, but occassionally. Today I heard a report on how the United States Patent and Trademark Office had received several dozen applications based on one of my favorite Bushisms 'Shock & Awe'.

Apparently, these applications range in content from Shock & Awe™ Brand Condoms to Shock & Awe™ Brand 'Interactive Crib Toys'. Ok, I can see the first being an interesting and entertaining brand, but crib toys? Yeah, that's what I want my infant playing with, it'll go along great with My First Switchblade, or the old standby, a sharp pointy stick.

So will this brand trend continue? How about products like "WMD™ Brand Antifungal Cream" or "Nu-cu-ler™ Brand Absorbent Undergarments" or "Evil-Doers™ Brand Suppositories"? You know I'd buy 'em.