Software is hard, part 2


Following up on an earlier post with a quote from a slashdot post of similar name.

Here's an interesting observation apropos to my current situation, and I'll leave it at that:

by osolemirnix (107029)

So if this guy complains that their projects back in the days at salon went bad, I'm not suprised. He's not a coder after all, he was a typical clueless product manager - started out as a journalist and suddenly he was responsible for a type of product he knew nothing about: CMSs, in addition to having no other qualification in software development or a related area (UI design, project management).

So am I surprised this project didn't succeed? LOL, of course not.

You wouldn't let a journalist build a space shuttle or a car now would you? But software? Sure, software is easy, anyone can do it. In the end, it's probably not harder than building a car, but not easier either. it just takes proper skills for all roles in the team, is all.