Jerkass pomeranian


I've commented a bit on this site about our younger dog's intelligence (or lack thereof). Now I think I'm being played by the little overstuffed rat.

Lately, we've been letting her and the other critter run outside in the courtyard behind our house largely unattended, to do their business.

When Sephie (aka the Smart One) is through with her outdoor adventure, she trots up to the back door and looks at it pathetically until we let her back in.

Blondie (what an undignified name for a dog!) on the other hand, remains out in the center of the yard, staring like an idiot. Until you take out the box of extremely stale Froot Loops and shake 'em, and she comes sprinting at the door, tripping over herself and mowing down Sephie to get through.

So I says to myself, "Self, that dog just ain't that bright."

Tonight, she took it to a new level, completely disappearing into the shrubbery near our back fence. I wasn't even sure she was still out there until I shook the box, and she took off like a filthy lighting bolt, trailing rotting leaves and debris looking like The Trash Heap.

Next time outside... same thing.

This crafty little bitch is hiding in the shrubs so she can hold out for a treat.

Completely unrelated sidenote:

I just realized how infrequently I've posted over the last year. If you go to page 2, the posts date all the way back to last Christmas, fer christsakes! I don't know if that's because the year went so fast, or I was just so damn busy. Maybe my New Years resolution should be to up my post count to at least once every month.


"too busy"