Hmmm... what's missing from this picture

Sitting on the floor makes Betsy sad.


If I'm not mistaken, there used to be a couch sitting there!

But it's not here now, cuz the folks at 24e, purveyors of supposedly 'High End' furniture, and their repair subcontractors took it, after three months worth of phone calls from us.

A quarter inch plastic part on a zipper broke, which apparently required the couch to be carted away by two guys in a truck.

Of course, this happened four weeks ago, leaving us with nowhere to sit in our living room. I'm betting they could have found us a replacement couch by now.

I considered briefly that we might have been couchjacked, but then thought "what the hell would anyone want with a couch with no cushions?"

So if you're heading down Broughton Street on Saturday, stop on by the 24e showroom. I'll be the guy sitting on their fanciest sofa, in my underpants, with a beer in my hand, hanging out until they replace ours.

Update: We finally got our sofa back from the upholstery shop last Friday, but they did shoddy work. Instead of actually fixing the zipper, they decided to sew the cushion onto the back of the couch. Why they needed to cart the sofa off for four weeks to do this, I don't know. They even added a few scuffs to the leather on the back for good measure. Luckily, Elaine at 24e has stepped up and offered us a store credit, and wants us to come down and pick out a new sofa next week to set things right.

And I didn't even have to go down there to lounge around in my Homer Simpson pajama pants.


Before reading your post, my answer to the headline was going to be "dog shit." Clearly I was mistaken.