Giving You the Stink Eye, Take Two

As I noted before, I'd attempted to thwart thievery in our break rooms at work with a little psy-ops warfare, namely posting closeup pictures of a mean looking eye above the creamer and sweet-n-low, which some lowlife scum has been swiping.

Well, that didn't work. Instead, the lowlife scum stole the posters. Or, possibly it may have been the cleaning crew. I don't know.

This brings me to part two - what else can The Eye achieve?

According to my brief and highly unscientific experiment, it can act as a coworker repellent. After setting up the little tableau below, far fewer darkened my door than had previously. Denizens of the marketing cubicle nearby said that there was a consensus that it was creepy and disturbing. Mission accomplished!

The eye keeps them at bay


You should take your $1K from Brian and buy yerself a BIG OL' eye so it fills up that window in your office so even the newsroom can spy it. That should keep those hacks in the newsroom at bay. They'll be scared to walk out the back door. ha

I'm not funding your eye addiction.

Is that Charlie Sheen's eye? It looks familiar...

Christian's picture

I don't think so... but I'm not ruling it out.