Let the hairplug jokes begin

Betsy's been poking fun at me for the last several days, so I figured the rest of you ought to as well. Yesterday, along with dropping the S4 off at the stealership in Augusta for a repair, I bought a Porsche from a guy in Aiken. Yeah, it sounds like I'm having the mid-life crisis a bit early, I know. Betsy has been making 'vroom-vroom' noises and making up songs to agitate me for at least a week.

So let me clear up the inevitable questions.

  1. No it's not new. Far from it, actually. It's a '96 with 127,000 miles.
  2. Yes, I'm going to sell the Audi. Wanna buy it?
  3. Last time I checked, no, I don't have a problem achieving "quality erections," whatever that means.
  4. I'm not losing my hair.
  5. I may very well buy a big gold medallion and some aviator sunglasses.

Now, I've got to get out there and scrape the awful Presidential Prayer Team sticker off the rear window so I can replace it with a John Kerry sticker. Maybe that'll piss of some rich/old/stupid folks.

Top quotes so far:

Betsy: "It sounds like a school bus."

Customer Service woman at bank: "You bought a Porsche from him? What you need a Porsche fo? You tryin' to get the girls?"