What a month


July is almost here, and not a moment too soon. If you can't tell from the 27 day lapse in posts, I've been a little busy.

It started off with a rather calm post-memorial day week, followed by what ended up being a week of pure hell - First a few days sequestered in the conference room learning more than we ever wanted to know about our DTI advertising system, followed by unimaginable pain of our primary server deciding that it didn't want to boot anymore. Many hours spent pulling hair out on Thursday evening, only to relive the horror all day Friday. Seems our shiny, expensive new SAN was coming to a grinding halt when our Xserve would hit particular files. Excellent service from Candera, though, who sent out a tech to get to the bottom of the problem.

That problem got fixed just in time to begin the journey to sunny southeastern Ohio for the Woodsfield High School Class of 1994 reunion. And class of 1984. And 1979. And 1974. And...you get the point. Basically hundreds of alumni of Betsy's alma mater from years as far back as 1939. Sadly, only 6 or so of the 57 graduates in her class bothered to show up. Not the most impressive float in the parade. Yes, parade. The whole of Woodsfield gathered on the main drag, while the honored classes idle down the road aboard a range of flatbeds, pickups and semi trailers. Some classes went all out, like the '64 Redskins with their vacation themed float... some relied on a couple pieces of posterboard and a handful of balloons... which we picked up and delivered to the '94 trailer in Betsy's car.

It was a pretty good trip - We got to see a lot of people, but never quite as many as we wanted to (sorry Bryan!).

After Ohio, I flew to D.C. for my second NEXPO tradeshow. Many thanks to Connie and Lars for bringing me to the airport in the wee hours of the morning that Sunday. My travel curse was present, but relatively mild. On the way out, all I managed to suffer was a torn shirt, from an unfortunate scuffle between my carry-on's zipper and my shirt pocket, in which the shirt was decidedly trounced. The return run to savannah was less enjoyable, with a 2-3 hour delay on the ground in Atlanta waiting for thunderstorms to blow through Georgia. Getting back to Whitemarsh Island, we found a the power out, and indoor temps in the 80's at least in Betsy's apartment, and set off to find lodging. The only room in town was at the luxurious Hampton Inn on Stephenson. The place had a distinctive smell, but it had lights, and A/C, which at 1:30 in the morning after a full day of travel for both of us, was all we could ask for.

Last week we finally closed on the Herty Lofts condo. It's been a mind-numbing process stretching over three months, causing just about all of our friends, family and acquaintances to think we're idiots (or at least I'm an idiot) for sticking with it for so long. Attempting to move our meager belongings in this weekend.