Well, back in MY day...


I was appalled (yes appalled!) this morning when I opened my jumbo-sized box of Froot Loops. There, sitting on top of the hermetically sealed bag of delicious artificially sweetened O's was another sealed bag, containing the Pirates of the Caribbean Skull Strobe toy promised on the front of the box.

That's right, this country has truly gone to hell in a handbasket. No longer must Timmy and Sally White-Bread-'Merican eat their way through an entire 3 pound box of 'Loops to get their precious toy (or dump the whole box). Nope, they can just pluck the bit of plastic right off the top, and be mesmerized by sinister, flashing light of Johnny Depp's skull.

Why, when I was a kid, we had to eat a whole box of Bran Bricks just to get to the bottom of the bag, where we'd find an unwrapped razor blade, or a used bottle cap...and we LIKED IT

old bastard>

Sidenote: I found this image from the FrootLoops.com site rather creepy:


Yeah, but they also miss the look of horror on mom's face as you pour the whole $4 box of cereal onto the floor or the counter or some such place just to get a toy that never really fits together right. You have to carefully lean the box and reeeaaacchh inside for that damn toy. One toy gotten, cereal ready for the vacuum and ass in need of ice to keep swelling down. Any cereal left was bound to be slimy from your dirty hands cuz there wadn't any time to wash 'em before you went head first into the box. Ah, those were the days.