Rock the ... oh, nevermind


We took Betsy's friend Tia to Casbah, a Moroccan restaurant downtown, last night. What could be better than spicy food, eating with your hands, and belly dancer(s)? Ok, we pussed out and used utensils, and I think I might have even used my oh-so-filthy left hand. The horror.

I feasted upon a plate of savory baby-sheep kabobs, with saffron rice and veggies. Betsy went the more conservative route and had chicken.

While waiting for the meal, Layla Katrina shook her belly seductively, with a plate of flaming liquids on her head. Seemed like a great thing to do in a room swathed in fabric and rugs to resemble a bedouin tent.

The only awkward moment of the evening came when Betsy attempted to stuff a dollar bill into the dancer's waistband. That took a couple tries and a little help from Layla. We plan to head down to Sebastian's on 17 for some practice.